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SEO is so important in the internet world if you want your website to stand a chance against your competition! Its the bread and butter of owning your own business and it will always be essential if you want to make it in the online world! To have your own business is amazing and very rewarding! You may be a business that is local for many people and your business thrives off them entering your shop in the hope that passers by may decide to pop in for a gander or to enquire about your services but… in today’s day and age, it’s not the way forward if you want to better your business and expand your customers!

Take Bigger Steps

Putting a larger sign up just won’t cover it, it needs to be expanded in other ways. Now, when some business owners think about expanding, they thing about the bad parts like, having to get a big shop… more money! Having to pay for fancier things… more money! Having to hire more staff… more money! Right? But with an online business, it’s not like that at all, it’s a lot simpler! You don’t have t go and buy that bigger property to move your shop into or any of that… you just have to do a little search engine optimisation and your business will be booming with customers flooding in from anywhere and everywhere!



When we begin to work on your website, we always give it everything we’ve got!



Throughout our time together, we will always focus our attention on you from start to finish.



We take great pride in our work and we aim to always exceed your expectations.


The Best

You will always receive our highest efforts and you will always have our full attention. We strive to give you the best outcome you could ask for.

Our Ideas

We make sure that all of our ideas are unique and powerful! Together we can make your website the best it could possibly be.

5 Stars

Our work is to a very high standard and we never go below it, our recent customers love our work and we continue to deliver.


Whilst you are in our hands, if you have any questions or concerns along the way we will be the first to help you with any requests.

We are easy to speak to, easy to work with and quick at what we do but always keep it professional and that is what makes us the best search engine optimisation team by far! We believe that providing our clients with the best service we could possibly give means everything and we aim to please every single time we have a job to do.


Let us answer it for you! We aren’t two guys that as soon as you ring we won’t let you off the phone until we get a deal! We are just two genuine guys that are amazing at search engine optimisation and want to help you out by bettering your business with our outstanding knowledge!


Working as a team, we get things done quicker but we also have our own special talents and ideas to spice your work up a little! We are very professional and always put you first! We will never loose sight of what is important… YOU! You will be at the head of all we do and will always have a say.

Latest News

SEO what?

A good point for us as search engine optimisers is that not everyone can do it as good as us! My friend focuses on “seo penkridge” while we have learnt from the best search engine optimisers in the West Midlands and we know all of the important factors as well as the parts that some businesses forget or don’t even know about so fortunately we have had the best training out there! I owe it to them as they have enabled me to start my own successful digital marketing business, so thanks InterLead! Feel free to check them out their web design is crazy! p.s if you purchase anything let them know Paul from psp-x recommended them as they offer a fantastic referral programme.

The great thing about search engine optimisation is that not everybody knows about it yet so with having SEO done on your website, you have the potential to rank higher than all of your competitors and leave them wondering what has happened and why you are there!

Some businesses think that they don’t need a business to do their SEO and feel that they can do it for themselves but nine times out of ten we have business owners coming to us claiming that they thought they could do it for themselves to save money but have either ended up making a mess or their website and needing more work doing to it now or they have gotten so confused and realised that the amount of tools and assets they need, it would cost them more to buy them than just paying an SEO company to do it for them!

SEO will always be needed but not everyone will know about it, get there before everyone else does and get your website to number one!


Get ranking everyone!

Getting your website to the first page is all to do with optimisation. Many businesses try their best to get their website to the first page by trying lots of different things and sometimes spend a lot of money on advertising and try other things but it all comes down to search engine optimisation and that is the only way you will get there, it is that simple.

Not many internet users will ever click onto the second page, let alone the third page! If your website isn’t optimised professionally, your specific targeted audition will go for your competitor or they will start to look for someone else in another area instead. Search engine optimisation is so well worth it and must be done professionally! Some businesses decide to do it themselves but it only takes a few weeks to realise that you may be doing damage to your website instead of getting it to reach its full potential!

Get ranking on the big search engines and watch your business better itself every day whilst your visibility shows your customers who’s the best business… you!

Social Media has never been so important!

The best thing for you business owners is Google’s algorithms now see social media profiles as influence when it comes to search rankings! It is said that a few things have got to be finalised regarding what effect it will actually have on your overall ranking but its never been so important for your business to be n social media!

Like search engine optimisation, social media will have to be an ongoing thing because if you set it up and never use it ever again, people will most likely think it is an old account and no longer exists so making sure someone is up keeping it is vital! Social media is absolutely huge nowadays and it is used a lot of the time for advertising too! Having lots of different social media accounts for your business is now proving a great asset as its giving Google tonnes of new reasons as to why they should bump you up the page and that you are a well and trusted business.


Can they see your website?

With technology going through the roof, I don’t know if you have noticed but mobile devices and tablets seem to be getting smaller and they are becoming increasingly more popular than having a desktop purely because of the space and money of a desktop (and you can’t exactly take your desktop out and about and search while you’re on the go!).


We are currently working with West Bromwich Tree Surgeons to ensure the right people find their website. We have spent the past few weeks writing unique and authoritative content for their website, doing this will draw in highly target traffic searching for their services. It has been proven time and time again that content is king.

Every time a new mobile or tablet device is brought out, it opens up more chances of people turning to them to search for what they want on the web! So if you don’t have a website, you are missing out on lots of business but if you have a website but have not indulged in search engine optimisation and have conquered the new era of your website being mobile friendly for your mobile and tablet device users then, you are wasting a lot of time and you may as well not have a website at all!

Search engine optimisation can boost your website up to its highest potential but may not always get you the traffic you are looking for but it will definitely make your product or service visibility a lot more known on the internet.

A lot of effort has to go into making your website mobile friendly, such as making sure that your website can be viewed on a mobile or tablet device not only portrait but landscape too! Even though it takes work, it is so worth it if you want to have an online presence in your specific market.


SEO is going nowhere!

If your website is consistent with its search engine optimisation, it will always have a chance to be on the first page. SEO is an ongoing process and can take weeks and in some cases months but it will always be a process which will have to be monitored forever as new competition will always flow into the market place and that is why most business choose a business to do their search engine optimisation needs for their websites.

Search engine optimisation is like no other temporary advert, it is an investment that can be carried out on your website for as long as you require it. SEO is the reason for websites bringing in so many business for the owner as search engine optimisation is what will get you noticed on the first page and without it you would be nowhere in the online world. The investment you will make in search engine optimisation is one of the best moves a business owner could ever make in today’s day and age as it is crucial to have a presence on the big search engines to expand your business and let it reach it’s potential.

Whatever way you decide to do your search engine optimisation, its certain that eventually, you will start to see great results steadily coming in including both sales and leads.