The Ultimate Team Duo

Welcome to PSP the X files! We are a two-man business and have been going now for about 3 years! We are a small business but have rapidly become more known in our industry! PSP the X files is our company name and we are semi-professional search engine optimisers’ soon to be professionals! My name is Paul and my business partners name is Pat, we are actually twin brothers and started this business from scratch around three years ago. We are two determined brothers and we are on our way to be professionals when it comes to search engine optimisation and our work and determination will definitely get us there!

Three years ago, me and my brother Pat decided to take matters in to our own hands as we were both very unhappy in our current jobs! I was working for a highways agency at the time and my job consisted of being out on the motorways throughout the night so not only was it dangerous, it gave me no chance of life as I was awake all night and asleep through the day so I had forgotten what the sun actually looked like! While that was my job, my brother Pat had the complete opposite and his job consisted of being in a small stressful office from 6am to however late they needed him which around 8pm was usually the case!

We didn’t want to live our lives like that any more and we were both secretively looking for a way out, another option we could choose and another path we could take! As time went on we both realised that we both wanted exactly the same thing so we began to research! That’s when we found search engine optimisation! It got both of our attention straight away and with the right training, we knew that this was our way out!

Three years on and everything is now falling into place and we have finally got our website sorted! We are very proud our how we have worked our business up from nothing and we know that it’s time to start working with you all and help you with your search engine optimisation.